Glenbrook Small Area Plan

View the approved Glenbrook Small Area Plan

The Glenbrook Small Area Plan was adopted by the City Council on September 26, 2023. The plan is intended to provide a framework for future development in the neighborhood. The triangular study area is bounded to the west by Highway 120, to the southeast by Highway 36, and to the north by Interstate 694. The main focus of the study area, however, is the area south of the Greens of Silver Lake neighborhood.

Over the course of 11 months, the project team consisting of City staff and its consulting partner, Stantec, gathered background information and obtained input from the City Council, City commissions, Washington County, MnDOT, City staff, neighborhood residents, and area businesses. The engagement efforts were conducted through various settings including public meetings, open-house gatherings within or near the neighborhood, virtual meetings, online questionnaires, and one-on-one visits with area businesses. 

Based on the information gathered and the direction provided by the City Council, recommendations were incorporated into the plan. The recommendations include infrastructure improvements, re-guiding land use for certain properties, pedestrian/bicycle infrastructure enhancements, strategies to bring industrial properties into compliance with current zoning standards, and programs to improve the environmental quality of the neighborhood.