Glenbrook Small Area Plan

BackgroundMap of Glenbrook area on Google with outlines of study area

The City is embarking on a study of the Glenbrook area to respond to development interests in the area and address issues with the interface between industrial and residential properties. While the Glenbrook Neighborhood (shown in yellow) will be the focus of recommendations in the study, there are many issues that connect the Glenbrook neighborhood with the larger area surrounding it to the north and east (shown in blue).

The purpose of the Glenbrook study is to understand and recommend future development options for the area and determine if the City might change its land use plan and zoning for the area. Currently, there is a mix of commercial, industrial, and residential uses in the neighborhood. There are likely major changes coming to the roadway system (near Hwy 36) in the future, so the current development pattern may not be the best mix long term. 

Community Feedback

There are two upcoming events for residents and businesses to provide feedback on the Glenbrook Small Area Plan work to date. 

In-Person Open House

  • Wednesday, April 26 - 5 to 7 PM
  • Eastgate Apartments courtyard (6048 Upper 51st Street N)

Online Open House

Additionally, there is an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft plan alternatives via an online questionnaire.

Screencapture of Glenbrook Small Area Plan Storymap with aerial image of the neighborhood

Project Schedule

The proposed schedule for the planning process is below. Phase 1 of the process began in November 2022.

  1. PHASE 1
  2. PHASE 2
  3. PHASE 3
  4. PHASE 4


  • Initiation meeting
  • Base maps
  • Stakeholder interviews and engagement
  • Issues identification

Timeline - Months 1-3