Land Use Applications Process

The following general process applies to all land use applications made with the City of Oakdale. This information is provided to assist applicants in working through the City’s review process and ultimate approval or denial of the request. Requirements specific to, or above and beyond those identified hereafter, related to a specific application request are identified on the individual land use application forms. The following checklist is provided to help applicants. If you have any specific questions or need clarification, please contact the City Planner (

Steps for Application and Review

1. Set up a pre-application meeting with the City Planner to discuss your request with the City's Development Review Committee to receive informal feedback. It is also strongly encouraged that you present your concept plan to the City Council at a Council workshop to receive additional informal feedback. When you are ready to proceed, make sure you have identified the correct application and supporting materials to submit for review. Depending on your project, you may need more than one application. 

2. Review the application(s) form to understand what materials you will need to submit. Each form has a detailed checklist of materials to submit with your application. Do your best to fill out the form and include ALL items on the checklist. If you have any questions regarding what to submit, contact the City Planner for clarification. 

3. Your project may require approval and/or permits from other regulatory agencies, including but not limited to, the Watershed District, Washington County, and MnDOT. Contact each agency prior to submitting an application to the City. 

4. Bring your application, including the forms and checklists, to the city and pay all application fees in full. You must submit all materials, including fee(s) and any required escrow, prior to the Planning Commission date you wish to have your application considered. 

5. Submit an electronic copy of all application materials to the City Planner at if available. 

6. The City will review your application for completeness. Within 15 days, you will be notified as to whether your application is complete for review or if additional materials are necessary. 

7. If complete, the City Planner will distribute a staff report and supporting materials to the Planning Commission prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which the application will be considered. 

8. If a public hearing is required, the Planning Commission will provide notice in the City’s official newspaper and to the adjacent property owners no less than 10 days prior to the hearing. 

9. The Planning Commission shall hold their meeting to review the application and hold the Public Hearing. They will make a recommendation to the City Council that will include comments from the public hearing, and any conditions or thoughts about the application. The applicant (or their representative) is required to attend. 

10. The City Council may hold the Public Hearing, if not held at the Planning Commission, and shall follow the process as identified in item 7. 

11. The City Council shall review the application and either approve or deny the proposed application. The applicant (or their representative) is required to attend the Council meeting. A formal opinion shall be made and communicated to the applicant.