Building Permits

General Permit Information

All building and related permits ensure that projects will be constructed according to nationally recognized standards. The standards are designed to protect buildings from collapse and fire, and to ensure the safety of all building occupants. Review of permit applications also ensures that projects meet zoning requirements, such as yard coverage, setbacks and building height. Outside agency review and approval may also be required.

Permitting/Inspection Timeline

The City of Oakdale is currently operating under the timeline below for building permit application review and inspections due to increasing volume of work during a busy time. 

  • Permit issuance: 3 business days
  • Plan review: 10 business days
  • Request an inspection: 5 business days before inspection 

Please call 651-739-5150 with questions. 


All building permit fees can be found on the City of Oakdale Fee Schedule (pages 1-4).


Per City Code, all building permit fees, plan review fees, and related inspection fees are determined by the City Council, excluding the Minnesota State surcharge. The Building Official may authorize refunding of any fee paid hereunder that was erroneously paid or collected. The Building Official may authorize refunding of not more than 80 percent of the permit fee paid when no work has been done under a permit issued in accordance with the code. The Building Official may authorize refunding of not more than 80 percent of the plan review fee paid when an applicant for a permit for which a plan review fee has been paid is withdrawn or canceled before any plan reviewing is done. The Building Official shall not authorize refunding of any fee paid except on written application filed by the original permittee not later than 180 days after the date of fee payment.

View City Code Chapter 5, Article 2, Sec. 5-11 and Sec. 5-12

Information for Contractors and Residents

Contractors or residents planning to apply for permits to do work on properties in the City of Oakdale should review What Requires a Permit before beginning applications. 

Please note: Beginning July 1, 2023, the City of Oakdale will follow the licensing guidelines for solar applications as directed by the Department of Labor and Industry.

Online Permits

All building permits are now being done via an online permitting process. Visit our online services page to set up your account and begin the permit process.

The following permits applications are available using the online permitting system: 

Anyone who comes to City Hall to complete a building permit will be asked to create an online account to begin the permit process. A computer is available for use at the permitting counter. 


Please review the Building Permits Inspections Page for more information on scheduling an inspection.

Data Requests

To submit a data request for any permit or rental license completed after February 6, 2023, you can search on the online services portal using the "Search" function in the upper right-hand corner. You can search by address or permit number if you select "Record".

For any other permit or license completed before February 6, complete a Data Request Form and send to City Clerk, Sara Ludwig at