New Public Works Facility

With the support of voters in November, a new Public Works facility will be coming to Oakdale in the next few years. Throughout the remainder of 2023 and into early 2024, the facility project team will finalize the building design, ensure site preparation, and finish documents and preparation for construction. The City expects to break ground in Spring of 2024. 

“The City has been working on planning for a new Public Works facility since 2018, and we’re thrilled to enter into the final planning and construction stages,” said City Administrator Christina M. Volkers. “This will be the first new City facility in over 20 years. Thanks to the support of Oakdale residents and businesses, the community can expect a modern and fully-functional Public Works facility in the near future.”

In March, the City solicited proposals for a construction manager and then finalized an agreement with Kraus-Anderson (K-A) on May 9, which rounds out the project team that also includes the City of Oakdale and the project architect firm, Hagen, Christensen & McIlwain Architects (HCM).

At the April 11 City Council meeting, the City formally accepted a donation from 3M of a 9.2-acre parcel of land for the future Public Works campus, located on the southwest corner of 32nd Street N and Granada Avenue N. Since 2020, 3M planned to donate the land to the City of Oakdale after conducting additional environmental investigations and site clean-up to prepare for redevelopment of the land. This clean-up work is funded by 3M and is anticipated to conclude before frost out in 2024. 

Prior to breaking ground, the project team will finalize the building design and materials, draft construction documents, and secure bids for construction materials. Preparation of the site will include procurement, surveying and staging processes.  

New Public Works Facility Timeline

Selection of Architect May 2020 (formally engaged 2023)
MN Legislative Special Session Approval for Sales Tax on Ballot June to July 2021
Approval of Local Option Sales Tax Ballot Questions and Referendum August 2022
Local Option Sales Tax Vote Passes November 2022
Construction Manager RFP Process and Hire March to May 2023
Building Design Development and Final City Approvals Summer 2023
Construction Document Development and Permitting Summer and Fall 2023
Bidding and Procurement for Construction Winter 2023-2024
Staging and Surveying Winter 2024
3M Site Preparation Work Expected to Conclude by Frost Out 2024
Construction Begins Expected Following Frost Out 2024
Construction Concludes Expected Spring/Summer 2025