Special Event Permits

Important Notice

The purpose of a Special Event permit application is to promote the health, safety and welfare of all residents and visitors of the city by ensuring that special events do not create disturbances; become nuisances or threaten life, health and property; disrupt traffic; or threaten or damage private or public property. Event Permit Applications need to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the proposed date of your event.


Anyone wishing to hold a special event in Oakdale must first obtain a City-issued permit. To do so, please submit:

Permitting Process

After a completed Special Event application is received, it will undergo a review process with one or more of the following departments: Licensing Division, Police, Fire, Public Works, and Recreation. If there is a need for council review and approval, city staff will notify applicants.

Permit Term & Renewal

Special Event permits are only valid for the date(s) issued, applicants must re-apply each time they wish to have a special event. 

City Code

View City Code on Special Events (PDF)